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Rutgers Strength & Conditioning The strength and conditioning program at Rutgers is designed to enhance each athlete's success, and in turn the team's success. Far beyond lifting weights and running intervals, the strength and conditioning program gives the Scarlet Knights a competitive edge. Student-athletes are fortunate to have a full-time strength and conditioning coach devoted to enhancing the quality and performance of the team through strength and conditioning.

The goals of the program are simple; to build strong, well-conditioned athletes who can perform to the best of their ability and to the expectations of the coach. Endurance and strength are keys to winning and go hand in hand with building a successful team. But, nothing could be more critical than staying healthy, one of the main goals of the strength and conditioning program. Lean muscle mass helps athletes avoid injury and heal more quickly if an injury does occur. When muscles are strong, they are prepared to support the whole body through rigorous and intense competition. That is why the training occurs long before the season begins.

Rutgers Strength & ConditioningTraining in fully equipped and spacious weight rooms, the strength and conditioning coaching staff develops and implements a comprehensive program for student-athletes, designed specifically to enhance skills.

A year-around proposition, the Scarlet Knights train to increase their strength, foot speed, hand/eye coordination, agility and flexibility during the summer and preseason. Many athletes train on campus during the summer, and those who train at home have a detailed workout plan to follow, because it is during the offseason that most of the gains are made. During the season, the program is designed to maintain the gains made in the summer and preseason. Interval training is a large part of the inseason regimen that maintains strength and conditioning while preserving the players' energy for competition.

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