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Dear Rutgers Football Letterwinner,

Your Rutgers Football Letterwinners Association has re-energized itself and we are recruiting you to be an active member of The Team Behind The Team. As we enter the B1G we want 100% participation from all members of our team. First, we want to thank you for your commitment and effort as a student athlete at Rutgers. Now we are recruiting you to help us be the National Championship Team Behind The Team as we enter the B1G.

As a 501c3 Charitable Organization we are encouraging everyone to join. We want your support for planned activities as well as your suggestions and guidance as we develop exciting new activities for the Team Behind The Team and to support Rutgers Football in the B1G.

2014-2015 Rutgers Football Letterwinners Association Officers

President Lee Schneider'70
1st VP Don Heilman '76
2nd VP Shawn Tucker '07
3rd VP Joe Donato' 98
Treasurer Tony Oliva '62
Secretary John Hartmann '88

In addition to the six officers there are 42 additional active executive board members . These include both varsity and lightweight letterwinners with representation from most eras of our long and storied college football history. We also have eight active committees which provide the lead in planning and conducting our activities and events.

Rutgers Football Letterwinners Association Committees

Committee Committee Chair Email
Careers Jim Baker '68
Communications John Hartman '88
Events Rich Policastro '70
Finance Tony Oliva '62
Membership Bill Bailey '94
Mentoring Shawn Tucker '07
Social Media Donald Forbes '91
Website Development Matt Allison '78

On the enclosed membership form there is an opportunity for you to sign up and participate where you can. Committee Chairs will contact anyone who expresses interest in serving on a committee.

I can't wait to see everyone's name on our membership list so that The Team Behind The Team enters the B1G as a potential National Championship Football Letterwinners Organization. Note that Penn State is our first B1G game and will be played at Rutgers. Let's try for a huge turnout of Rutgers Football Letterwinners in support of this historical game.

The Rutgers Football Letterwinners Association is also being used as a model for the creation of an All Sports Rutgers Athletics Letterwinners Association. We will become a part of this larger group, but still maintain our own stand alone 501c3 status. Other sports may also develop an active group within the larger Rutgers Letterwinners Association.

Again, please be sure to forward us an email address if you have one. I thank you in advance for your continued interest and support. If you have any questions or just want to talk Rutgers Athletics, please contact me at or my cell 908-208-4602.

Lee D. Schneider '70



Bill Austin '59 Glenn Fine '86 Jabu Lovelace '10 Phil Scalo '75
Terry Beachem '70 Pierce Frauenheim '62 Devin McCourty '10 Bill Speranza '62
Larry Blatterfein '74 Reggie Funderburk '97 Jason McCourty '09 Bob Stonebraker '70
Frank Boffa '74 Will Gilkison '07 Bob Naso '59 Tom Sweeney '74
Gary Brackett '03 Jeff Hansen '92 Shaun O'Hara '99 Nate Toran '77
Mel Brown '69 Bert Kosup '79 Tony Pawlik '75 Peter Tverdov '09
Anthony Cali '07 Brian Leonard '07 Tony Ray '76 Clem Udovich '86
Deron Cherry '81 Nate Leonard '04 Brandon Renkart '08 Eric Vowinkel '75
Brian Cobb '86 Dwight Lipscomb '76 Dave Rinehimer '73

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