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Rutgers Fall 2013 Dean’s List Includes 148 Student-Athletes
  • Posted on February 19, 2014 4:55:14 PM
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  • PISCATAWAY, N.J. (Feb. 19, 2014) – A total of 148 Rutgers student-athletes earned recognition on the Fall 2013 Dean’s List. The list is comprised of 35 majors ranging from the sciences to liberal arts.

    “It is a testament to the commitment our student athletes make to be successful both in an out of the classroom,” said Scott Walker, Rutgers Director of Academic Support Services for Student Athletes.

    Rutgers football had the most representation on the list, including 19 Scarlet Knights. Rowing followed with 17 members earning the honor, as women’s soccer had 14 to continue to academic success in Piscataway. A total number of 21 sports at least one member on the list. Highlighting the list, 28 RU student-athletes recorded a perfect 4.0 GPA on the semester.

    NAME                                                   SPORT                                                   MAJOR
    ALEXANDER, TAJ                              FOOTBALL                                           COMMUNICATION
    ANDREASSIAN, RACHEL              VOLLEYBALL                                       SUPPLY CHAIN AND MARKETING SCIENCE
    ARCIDIACONO, BRANDON           FOOTBALL                                           UNDECLARED
    ARIENTYL, VANESSA                       WOMEN'S TRACK                             BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
    BALSAMO, LINDSAY                        TENNIS                                                 COMMUNICATION
    BARNES, HALLEY                               WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     UNDECLARED
    BATES, JACLYN                                  SOFTBALL                                            ANIMAL SCIENCES
    BIALIK, ZACHARY                              MEN'S SOCCER                                  ENGINEERING FOUR YEAR
    BIMONTE, MIKE                               FOOTBALL                          LABOR STUDIES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS
    BORGESE, NICHOLAS                      FOOTBALL                                           ECONOMICS
    BRADLEY, KRISTEN                           WOMEN'S TRACK                             MATHEMATICS
    BROOK, SARAH                                 ROWING                                              UNDECLARED
    BUIS, BRIELLE                                     WOMEN'S SOCCER                          JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES
    BURKHOLDER, STEVEN                  MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY               PSYCHOLOGY
    BURTON, MICHAEL                         FOOTBALL                                           COMMUNICATION
    CAMPBEL, DVON                             MEN'S BASKETBALL                         CRIMINAL JUSTICE
    CARLISLE, CAROLINE                       SWIMMING                                       EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    CHAMPION, KATELYN                    FIELD HOCKEY                                    UNDECLARED
    CLEMENTE, LOUIS                            BASEBALL                                            HISTORY
    CLEMENTS, MEGAN                        WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     COMMUNICATION
    CONTINO, NICHOLAS                     MEN'S LACROSSE                             CRIMINAL JUSTICE
    CORBOZ, MAEL                                 MEN'S SOCCER                                  MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
    CUCUZ, SOFIJA                                 VOLLEYBALL                                       HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
    CUNNINGHAM, FARRIS                TENNIS                                                 ENGINEERING FOUR YEAR
    D'ANNUNZIO, JOSEPH                   BASEBALL                                            COMMUNICATION
    DAY, AZIZA                                         GYMNASTICS                                     UNDECLARED
    DEPAOLA, NICHOLAS                     FOOTBALL                                           COMMUNICATION
    DESALVO, VERONICA                     ROWING                                              BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
    DEVOLK, AMANDA                          WOMEN'S SOCCER                          GENETICS
    DIDUN, JENNIFER                            ROWING                                              UNDECLARED
    DIPAOLO, PATRICIA                        WOMEN’S SOCCER                          EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    DODD, Chas                                        FOOTBALL                                           COMMUNICATION
    DOERNER, JUSTIN                            FOOTBALL                   LABOR STUDIES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS
    DURANDO, ALEXIS                          SOFTBALL               EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    ELLIOTT, ADDINGTON                    WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     UNDECLARED
    ENSMINGER, ALYSSA                     VOLLEYBALL                                       UNDECLARED
    EVANS, CHRISTIANN                      WOMEN'S BASKETBALL                 PUBLIC HEALTH
    FRESHNOCK, DEVON                      FIELD HOCKEY                                    PRE BUSINESS
    GAO, MICHELLE                                ROWING                                              PRE BUSINESS
    GAUSE, QUENTIN                            FOOTBALL                                           JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES
    GEREW, MARIA                                WOMEN'S SOCCER                          HISTORY
    GIBSON-BROKOP, LINDSAY         SWIMMING                                       BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
    GRANT, JILLIAN                                WOMEN'S TRACK                             JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES
    GREENE, LINDSEY                             ROWING                                              PUBLIC HEALTH
    GUINEE, BRITTANY                          SWIMMING                                       PSYCHOLOGY
    HOLDER, KYLE                                    MEN'S TRACK                                    POLITICAL SCIENCE
    HUANG, STEPHANIE                       SOFTBALL                                            PRE BUSINESS
    IMBRIACO, NICOLE                         FIELD HOCKEY                                    FINANCE
    INTRABARTOLA, CHELSEA            WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     HISTORY
    IRELAN, BAILEY                                 ROWING                                              JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES
    IVOL, ALEXANDRIA                          GYMNASTICS                                     PSYCHOLOGY
    JAMES, TAYLOR                                ROWING                                              ECONOMICS
    JANOSZ, JESSICA                              WOMEN’S SOCCER                          NURSING
    JONES, ROBERT                                 FOOTBALL                  EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    KATKOWSKI, HAYLEY                      WOMEN'S SOCCER                          UNDECLARED
    KAYATI, LINDSEY                              TENNIS                                                 JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES
    KEMMERER, KIERAN                       MEN'S SOCCER                                  MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
    KIELY, MEGHAN                                SWIMMING                                       UNDECLARED
    KLIMCHAK, MATTHEW                  MEN'S LACROSSE                             EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    KNIGGE, MORGAN                         ROWING                        ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY, INST AND BEHAVIOR
    KNOX, CALVIN                                  MEN'S TRACK                                    UNDECLARED
    KOCHER, KRISTIN                             WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     SOCIOLOGY
    KOLODNY, KIMBERLY                     WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     UNDECLARED
    KOSMIDES, MIRANDA                   ROWING                                              NURSING
    KROFT, TYLER                                     FOOTBALL                                           COMMUNICATION
    LAVERY, CAITLIN                              ROWING                                              POLITICAL SCIENCE
    LEAL, LUISA                                        GYMNASTICS         EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    LEBERFINGER, GRETA                     SWIMMING                                       PSYCHOLOGY
    LEE, BROGAN                                     SWIMMING                                       EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    LEONI, BRYAN                                   FOOTBALL                                           COMMUNICATION
    LI, GINA                                               TENNIS                                                 BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
    LOHMANN, JOSEPH                        FOOTBALL                                           LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS
    LOISELLE, RAELYN                            ROWING                                              PSYCHOLOGY
    MADDOX, DRESDEN                       SOFTBALL                                            UNDECLARED
    MAHON, SARAH                               WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     PSYCHOLOGY
    MATANIN, JOSH                               MEN'S LACROSSE                             POLITICAL SCIENCE
    MATTHEWS, JONATHAN               MEN'S LACROSSE                             HISTORY
    MATTHEWS, MIKAELA                   VOLLEYBALL                                       UNDECLARED
    MCGINNIS, CHRISTINA                  ROWING                                              POLITICAL SCIENCE
    MEYLER, KATELYN                            ROWING                                              FOOD SCIENCE
    MEZZASALMA, ELAINA                  WOMEN'S TRACK                             EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    MILEWSKI, DAVID                            FOOTBALL                                           FINANCE
    MILLACI, KARA                                  SWIMMING                                       PSYCHOLOGY
    MILLER, KELSEY                                 WOMEN'S LACROSSE                     MARKETING
    MILLER, ELLEN                                   WOMEN'SCROSS COUNTRY         VISUAL ARTS
    MONEME, CHIOMA                        ROWING                                              CELL BIOLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE
    MORASH, MARGARET                   WOMEN'S SOCCER                          GENETICS
    MOSER, MARY                                  SWIMMING                                       ENGLISH
    MULLANE, KELLI                               VOLLEYBALL                                       ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
    NARDELLA, JOSEPH                         MEN'S LACROSSE                             ECONOMICS
    NELSON, TAYLOR                             VOLLEYBALL                                       BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
    NEWTON, SOPHIE                            SWIMMING                                       UNDECLARED
    NICHOLAS, NICOLE                          WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY        PRE BUSINESS
    NOTO, PETER                                     MEN'S LACROSSE                             ECONOMICS
    O'ROURKE, THOMAS                      MEN'S SOCCER                                  POLITICAL SCIENCE
    PATRICK, JOSHUA                            WRESTLING                                        UNDECLARED
    PATRONE, LISA                                 FIELD HOCKEY             LABOR STUDIES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS
    PATTERSON, NICHOLAS                MEN'S TRACK                                    ENGINEERING FOUR YEAR
    PERROTTI, ALLYSON                        SWIMMING                                       EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT STUDIES
    PERSON, PRECIOUS                        WOMEN'S BASKETBALL                 UNDECLARED
    PFAFF, MORGAN                             SWIMMING                                       UNDECLARED
    PINNIX-ODRICK ,  JULIAN             FOOTBALL                                           UNDECLARED
    PRAGER, VICTORIA                         WOMEN'S SOCCER                          PRE BUSINESS
    PURCELL, KARON                             MEN'S TRACK              SUPPLY CHAIN AND MARKETING SCIENCE
    QUARTUCCI, FRANCIS                   FOOTBALL                                           AMERICAN STUDIES
    RAMBO, RICHARD                           MEN'S LACROSSE                             LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS
    REED, BRIANNE                                 WOMEN'S SOCCER                          UNDECLARED
    RENZA, JONATHAN                         MEN'S GOLF                                       FINANCE
    RICHARDSON, SARAH                    VOLLEYBALL                                       UNDECLARED
    ROLIN, CHELSEA                               SWIMMING                                       POLITICAL SCIENCE
    ROSE, LAURA                                     FIELD HOCKEY                                    PSYCHOLOGY
    SANTAGADO, CHARLY                   GYMNASTICS                                     MUSIC
    SCHEFFLER, JENNELLE                    ROWING                                              UNDECLARED
    SCHROETER, ALEXANDRA             VOLLEYBALL                                       UNDECLARED
    SCHWING, BENJAMIN                   MEN'S LACROSSE                             COMMUNICATION
    SCOTT, NICOLE                                  SWIMMING                                       FOOD SCIENCE
    SEDDON, JENNA                               WOMEN'S SOCCER                          UNDECLARED
    SEIDENBERG, DANIEL                     WRESTLING                                        COMMUNICATION
    SINGH, RASHMI                                WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY        ENGLISH
    SKROSKI, ERICA                                WOMEN'S SOCCER                          UNDECLARED
    SMITH, WILLIAM                              WRESTLING                                        HISTORY
    SNYDER, KEVIN                                 FOOTBALL                                           ECONOMICS
    SODE, PETER                                      MEN'S LACROSSE       LABOR STUDIES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS
    SOUSA, ERICA                                   WOMEN'S SOCCER                          UNDECLARED
    STAAB, JENNIFER                             FIELD HOCKEY                                    PUBLIC HEALTH
    STEBICK, KATHRYN                          GYMNASTICS                                     UNDECLARED
    STEVER, ALISHA                                FIELD HOCKEY                                    PRE BUSINESS
    STRONG, EMILY                                FIELD HOCKEY                                    AMERICAN STUDIES
    STUBY, SARAH                                   FIELD HOCKEY                                    ART HISTORY
    SUDBURY, ANNA                             VOLLEYBALL                                       UNDECLARED
    SUTTON, TROY                                  BASEBALL                                            UNDECLARED
    SZEMPLE, RYAN                                MEN'S SOCCER                                  PRE BUSINESS
    TARTACOFF, JULIAN                       FOOTBALL                                           ECONOMICS
    TERRANOVA, ANTHONY               MEN'S LACROSSE                             CRIMINAL JUSTICE
    TETRO, ROSS                                      MEN'S SOCCER                                  PRE BUSINESS
    TOPP, EMILIA                                    ROWING                                              ECOLOGY & NATURAL RESOURCES
    VALLIANT, SAMANTHA                 WOMEN'S SOCCER                          ANIMAL SCIENCES
    VARGAS, EMILY                                WOMEN'S TRACK                             PSYCHOLOGY
    VERBITSKI, BRIAN                            FOOTBALL                                           PRE BUSINESS
    WALIER, MITCHELL                          MEN'S SOCCER                                  ENGINEERING FOUR YEAR
    WELLS, BRIAN                                    MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY               APPLIED SCIENCE ENGINEERING
    WHITLEY, JORDAN                           SOFTBALL                                            UNDECLARED
    WILBUR, JEREMY                              MEN'S TRACK                                    UNDECLARED
    WILLIAMS, LOREN                           SOFTBALL                                            COMMUNICATION
    WRIGHT, TRACY                                VOLLEYBALL                                       LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS
    YAKO, BRIDGET                                 ROWING                                              ENGINEERING FOUR YEAR
    YANEY, RACHEL                                 FIELD HOCKEY                                    UNDECLARED
    ZAVALA, MICHAEL                           BASEBALL                                            COMMUNICATION
    ZITO, JENNA                                       GYMNASTICS                                     MATHEMATICS EDUCATION

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