Personal Development

Swimming & Diving Team Workshop
Swimming & Diving Team Workshop

Personal Branding
In conjunction with Rutgers Career Services, this workshop gives the student-athlete an understanding on how to develop a personal marketing plan, build a positive reputation and positevly promote themselves at all times.

Behavioral Assessment
This session uses the DiSC Classic assessment as a resource to help the student-athletes identify their behavioral style and the various styles their coaches and teammates might posses. After identifying their specific behavioral style the student-athletes are put into groups to learn and discuss ways to people read and then to effectively flex to another teammate or coaches behavioral style.

Health and Wellness
In partnership with Rutgers Athletics Health Services, we provide various programming throughout the year covering topics of alcohol, sex education, nutrition, substance abuse, training, and performance enhancers. In addition we offer individual counseling for student-athletes in need.

Bystander Intervention
Facilitated by the Office of Violence Prevention & Victims Assistance, this workshop challenges the student-athletes with various interactive scenarios prompting them to decide based on their "core values" whether or not they would take "action" or "no action" in the given situation.

Core Values
This workshop shines the light on the importance of decision making as it relates to your core values through current events that have taken place at other institutions and professionally across the nation. The student-athletes are encouraged to define and explain their core values with their peers.

Wrestling Team Workshop
Wrestling Team Workshop

Financial Management - Juniors & Seniors Only
This advance financial literacy workshop provides student-athletes with concrete financial tools to prepare them for successful transition into the workforce. Student-athletes will be provided a general knowledge of taxes as it pertains to social security, federal, state and medicare. In addition to student-athletes will assess their current spending plan and evaluate their plan as it compares to an ideal college graduate spending/investment plan. The professional facilitators will explain the most common expenses for college graduates and provide tips on reducing that number. Finally all participants will receive general advice as it relates to topics such as 401(k), investment portfolio, insurance and retirement plans.

Financial Management - Freshmen& Sophomores
This interactive and engaging workshop introduces the student-athlete to the importance of properly managing their money away from home. Students will come away with a stronger understanding on how credit cards can be beneficial if used appropriately and detrimental if abused. Students will review hypothetical spending plans of college students and creative ways to monitor their spending habitats. Finally all participants will go through a 10 step tip sheet on ways to save money in college.

Civic Engagement
Understanding the privilege of being a student-athlete at a prestigious Division 1 institution, throughout the academic year student-athletes participate in a number of community service events to share a lending hand to the less fortunate.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity
New Brunswick Community Fair
New Brunswick Community Fair
SCREAM Athletes
SCREAM Athletes
Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen
Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen
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