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Rutgers student-athletes took a big step toward planning for life after college by attending the Rutgers Student-Athlete Career Fair on Monday, February 6, at the Busch Campus Center.  Approximately 40 companies representing a wide array of industries – from Wall Street to summer camps – took part in the second annual event.  

Rutgers student-athletes welcomed the opportunity to tout their off-the-field skills and build relationships with potential employers.  Said Mike Baird, a senior on the men’s track-and-field team, “In this economy, everyone knows how important it is to pursue every possible lead to land an internship or our first “real job”.  I am majoring in sports management, but I also have an interest in finance and business operations.  We could all cover a lot of ground all at once.” 

Added Asha Ruth, a junior on women’s track and field team, “The event gave me a lot to think about and taught me how to highlight the most important things on my resume.  Even though I was in a rush to get to class, I still had a chance to talk to several companies.”

While their interests and career goals are diverse, Rutgers student-athletes share common traits which make them ideal employees: their ability to juggle demanding schedules, work under pressure, and embrace competition.  As one recruiter put it, “The students might not know exactly what they want to do, but we know they’re willing to work hard.  Everyone came in well-prepared, too, which is great for us.” 

The Rutgers Student-Athlete Career Fair is part of the Rutgers Leadership Academy, an innovative, donor-funded program designed to equip student-athletes with the skills necessary to achieve success during and after their collegiate careers.  The Academy provides opportunities for career, academic and personal development as well as promotes a lifelong commitment to community service. The next development workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 15th with the Careers in Labor Relations & Employment Panel Discussion at 8pm in the Visitor Center.