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Resume Building

Networking Tips
Networking Tips Workshop

In this workshop the student-athlete will have the opportunity to create a resume specifically to their education, skill set, work experience, course experience, activities and career interest. The instructor will go through each portion of the resume providing expert advice. Unlike the traditional student, student-athletes have the unique opportunity to draw on many skills attributed from playing their sport and the instructor will assist in providing unique transferable skills that can be highlighted by the student-athlete. In addition to the resume workshop, student-athletes will receive a resume tip/template packet and additional information on writing a cover letter.

Career Interest Test
In a effort to assist student-athletes in exploring various career options and choosing the appropriate major, we begin by providing a career interest test that allows the student-athlete to assess their interests, values, skills, personality and leisure preferences.

Professional Mentoring
Student-Athletes who are interested in receing additional career and professional advice have the opportunity to request for a professional mentor that will provide additional career counseling specific to their career goals and aspirations.

Mock Video Interviewing
From knowing how to address an employer, to give correct body language, to provide specific verbiage pertaining to the position, and to protrude a sense of confidence while speaking; professional staff from Career Services and RLA provides the student-athlete with the opportunity to practice and establish strong interview techniques that have proven to be essential in securing the position. At the request of the student-athlete, all mock interviews have the capablitity of being video taped for critque purposes.

Networking Tips
Networking Tips Workshop

Knight of Networking
The Knight of Networking is a networking event that takes place annually designed to the providestudent-athletes with a career knowledge platform where they can inquire and obtain valuable insight on the various career fields from successful professionals. In turn this allows for the student-athlete to have a clearer understanding of their ultimate career path as well as the opportunity to build the networking portfolio.

Student-Athlete Career Fair
Through an extensive RLA database, over 50 companies annualy take part in the Rutgers Student-Athlete Career Fair in February. The career fair provides an opportunity for employers and student-athletes intersted in specific careers to meet and exchange information in order to build employment relations.

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