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> 2014-15 Student-Athlete Handbook

Graduate School
This workshop provides junior and senior student-athletes with answers to frequently as questions regarding continuing education. Questions ranging from, Why Should You Consider Graduate Study, When Should You Begin Graduate Study, Where Should You Go to Graduate School and What Is The Admission Process.

Time Managment
Student-athletes in this workshop are provided with necessary skills to manage their time and be more efficient in completing tasks as a student-athlete. Areas covered under time management include personal goal setting, organizational skills, and how to prioritize and implement stress management skills.

Goal Setting
This workshop establishes specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives for each student-athlete individually. The student-athlete will learn how to specify their goals and then how to work towards them.

Study Hall
With the total amount hours of committed to sports and academics, studyhall is an environment where student-athletes can receive supplemental instruction, one-on-one tutoring, and access to over 75 computers with the latest software and usage to the Rutgers Library server.

New Student Orientation
In prepearation for the dynamic schedule of a student-athlete, Academic Support Services provides a
day long program aimed at providing an overall tutorial on ways of making your Rutgers career
successful. Topics ranging from academic and athletice compliance, integrity presentations,
study hall hours/locations, on-campus clubs/programs are just a snippet of the various areas addressed.

In addition to, academic advisors demonstrate how to use the most frequently used Rutgers online
servers such as Sakai, Myrutgers, and GradesFirst.

Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

Grades First    Total Recall Learning


Student-Athlete of the Month
Each month a male and female student-athlete is selected as Student-Athlete of the Month based
on their academic, athletic and community participation.

Identifying Majors
Upon entering Rutgers University as an incoming freshmen, student-athletes are given a personal interest test to help assist in identifying the right major for them. With the guidance from sport specfic academic advisors, student-athletes also receive a packet listing the plethora of majors to choose from and the various careers that are a potential outcome of concentrating in a particular major.

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