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2014 Football Student Ticketing Policy
  • Posted on April 07, 2014 7:51:59 AM
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  • Option 1: Buy Your Season Tickets

    - The easiest way to guarantee a seat at all six Rutgers home games this season is to purchase a student season ticket for $99.

    - All student tickets, including student season tickets, do not provide an assigned seat. These tickets provide access to the general admission seating in the student section.

    - Tickets can be purchased by calling the Ticket Office at 866-445-GORU or by logging in to your student ticket account with your student ID and password at scarletknights.com.

    - Must present your student ID to enter stadium.

    - Limit one season ticket purchase per student.

    Option 2: Claim Tickets, Earn Points, Be a part of the Scarlet Status Program

    - The remaining unsold student tickets will be distributed on a single-game basis. Student ticket claim period will last 48 hours. It will run from 12:01 a.m. Monday through 11:59 p.m. Tuesday (for a game that Saturday). If student demand is less than supply, all students that claim a ticket will receive one.

    If student demand is greater than supply, all ticket requests received during the 48-hour order window will be entered into the Scarlet Lottery. All unsold seats will be distributed through this process. Students will be notified of their lottery results on Wednesday afternoon.

    - The Scarlet Lottery will reward those students that demonstrate the greatest loyalty to Rutgers Athletics. All students will have a chance to be selected in the lottery, but those students that are most loyal to Rutgers Athletics will have much greater odds of being selected. Each student’s loyalty will be measured by the number of Scarlet Points that they accumulate throughout the season. Students can earn Scarlet Points in the following ways

    Enroll at Rutgers – each student will start the semester with one Scarlet Point

    Request Football Tickets – each student will receive one Scarlet Point per game that they request a ticket, regardless of whether or not they are selected in the Scarlet Lottery

    Attend Football Games – each student will receive one Scarlet Point per game that they attend

    Arrive Early to Football Games – each student will receive up to two additional Scarlet Points per game based on what time they arrive to the Stadium. Students that scan their ticket at least 60 minutes before kickoff will receive two points. Students that scan their ticket at least 30 minutes before kickoff will receive one point.

    - Students can earn a maximum of four Scarlet Points for each football game.

    - Throughout the season, there will be additional opportunities to earn Scarlet Points by demonstrating loyalty to Rutgers Athletics. These activities may include, but are not limited to, attendance at select Olympic sporting events.

    - The 500 students with the most Scarlet Points will qualify for Scarlet Status. A student with Scarlet Status is exempt from the Lottery and is guaranteed a ticket to the upcoming football game, provided that they still claim a ticket during the 48-hour request window.

    - Scarlet Status will be in effect for the games against Tulane, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

    - Scarlet Point rankings can change on a weekly basis, thus the list of students with Scarlet Status is subject to change. For example, any student that has Scarlet Status for the Tulane lottery may not necessarily still have Scarlet Status at the time of the Michigan lottery.

    - Students can view their Scarlet Point totals online by logging into their student ticketing account at scarletknights.com.

    - It is each individual student’s responsibility to make sure that their ticket is scanned as they enter the stadium. If a student believes there is an error with regards to their online Scarlet Point total, they must challenge the error no more than five business days after the game.

    - Once a student claims a ticket, they are not allowed to return the ticket. If a student claims a ticket and does not scan into the game on two occasions, they will not be allowed to claim tickets for the remainder of the 2014 football season.

    - If the student body requests all seats in the student section via the Scarlet Lottery, then there will NOT be any student guest tickets available for sale. If there are remaining seats in the student section after the claim period is complete, then student guest tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Student guest tickets, if available, will cost $85 (Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin) and $30 (Howard, Tulane, Indiana) and will be valid for general admission seating in the student section.

    - Only full-time undergraduate students at the New Brunswick campus are eligible to participate in the Scarlet Lottery. Newark and Camden students, as well as part-time students are eligible to purchase the $99 season ticket.

    - All students that purchase the $99 season ticket are exempt from the Scarlet Lottery and are not eligible to earn Scarlet Points.

    - Any senior that attends all six home games and enters each game more than 30 minutes before kickoff will be entered into a raffle to win a pair of free Young Alumni tickets for the 2015 football season.

    - Any senior that attends at least five of the six home games will receive a 15% discount on their Young Alumni tickets for the 2015 football season.

    - Any student that earns the maximum amount of Scarlet Points at the end of the season will receive free tickets to a potential bowl game that Rutgers plays in following the conclusion of the 2014 season.

    - The athletic department may retain a very limited amount of student tickets to distribute at pep rallies, radio shows and other events throughout the week leading up to each game.

    - Scarlet Lottery Examples

    In the scenario above, if all five students request tickets to see Penn State, Student A would have the highest chance of being selected, followed by Student B, then students C, D and E.

    In the scenario above, Student A might have enough Scarlet Points to qualify for Scarlet Status. If this were to be true, then by requesting a ticket to the Michigan game, Student A would be guaranteed a ticket. If Student A did not qualify for Scarlet Status, then Student A would still have a higher chance than Student B of being selected in the Scarlet Lottery. Student C would be ineligible to request tickets for the remainder of the season.

    Have further questions? Please send them to tickets@scarletknights.com

    Click here to purchase your student season ticket today.

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