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Commercial Flight Information for Russell Athletic Bowl
  • Posted on December 11, 2012 2:19:30 PM
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  • PISCATAWAY, N.J. (December 11, 2012) – From our friends at MAD Travel (800-925-7476), here is a list of current flights from the Rutgers area to Orlando for the 2012 Russell Athletic Bowl on December 28 vs. Virginia Tech.

    This list changes by the minute.

    12/26 Newark-Orlando

    Jet Blue    800am-1054am    Currently only 3 seats available

    United    838am-1147am    Currently only 1 seat available

    Jet Blue    12n-248pm    Currently only 6 seats available

    United    12n-256pm    Currently only 1 seat available

    Jet Blue    140pm-426pm    Currently only 7 seats available

    United    230pm-527pm    Currently only 1 seat available

    United    320pm-616pm    Currently only 3 seats available

    United    430pm-726pm    Currently only 2 seats available

    United    525pm-821pm    Currently 8 seats available

    Jet Blue    550pm-845pm    Currently only 3 seats available

    Jet Blue    840pm-1123pm    Currently only 7 seats available 


    12/26 LaGuardia-Orlando

    Delta    630am-924am    3 seats

    Jet Blue    645am-935am    7 seats

    Delta    755am-1059am    6 seats

    Delta    9am-1207pm    4 seats   

    Delta 1055am-157pm    5 seats

    USAir    1130am-417pm    Makes 1 stop, no change of planes, 5 seats

    Delta    1230pm-326pm    1 seats  

    Jet Blue    115pm-405pm    7 seats

    Delta    145pm-445pm    3 seats 12/26



    Jet Blue    600am-846am    7 seats

    Jet Blue    721am-1012am    7 seats

    Delta    810am-1116am    7 seats

    Jet Blue    915am-1211pm    7 seats

    Jet Blue    1040am-126pm    7 seats

    Delta    1130am-230pm    2 seats

    Jet Blue    156pm-450pm    7 seats

    American    250pm-555pm    5 seats

    Jet Blue    320pm-625pm    7 seats

    Jet Blue    409pm-710pm    4 seats

    Delta    430pm-745pm    5 seats

    Jet Blue    545pm-840pm    7 seats

    Jet Blue    659pm-955pm    7 seats

    Delta    705pm-1027pm    3 seats   

    Jet Blue    955pm-1241am    7 seats   


    12/26 Philly-Orlando

    US Air    800am-1038am    6 seats

    USAir    1005am-1246pm    2 seats

    USAir    140pm-411pm    6 seats

    USAir    355pm-623pm    8 seats   

    USAir    605pm-841pm    9 seats

    USAir    845pm-1113pm    6 seats


    No non stop or one-stop service from Allentown, all flights would be connections via either Charlotte or Philly-limited availability


    12/29 Orlando-Newark   

    Jet Blue    500am-730am    7 seats

    United    545am-826am    7 seats

    United    700am-940am    5 seats

    United    759am-1038am    6 seats

    Jet Blue    830am-11am    7 seats

    Jet Blue    1024am-1259pm    7 seats

    Jet Blue    228pm-510pm    4 seats

    United    255pm-540pm    5 seats

    United    341pm-632pm    4 seats   

    Jet Blue    703pm-935pm    7 seats

    United    806pm-1053pm    7 seats

    United    901pm-1151pm    9 seats

    Jet Blue    930pm-1157pm    7 seats


    12/29 Orlando-LaGuardia

    Jet Blue    6am-829am    7 seats

    Delta    650am-926am    3 seats

    Delta    810am-1044am    8 seats

    Delta    10am-1238pm    4 seats

    Jet Blue    1057am-129pm

    Delta    1140am-214pm    7 seats

    Delta    1253pm-330pm    8 seats

    Delta    245pm-518pm    3 seats

    Delta    356pm-634pm    5 seats

    Jet Blue    425pm-657pm    7 seats

    Delta    530pm-805pm    3 seats

    Delta    7pm-933pm    5 seats

    Jet Blue    719pm-951pm    4 seats


    12/29 Orlando-JFK

    Jet Blue    6am-827am    7 seats

    Jet Blue    700am-927am    7 seats

    Delta    7am-927am    2 seats

    Jet Blue    840am-1105am    7 seats

    Jet Blue    936am-12n    7 seats

    Jet Blue    1045am-111pm    7 seats

    American    1055am-130pm    3 seats

    Jet Blue    1201pm-233pm    7 seats

    Delta    1249pm-330pm Delta    325pm-609pm

    Jet Blue    340pm-614pm    7 seats

    Delta    5pm-732pm    5 seats

    Jet Blue    627pm-903pm    4 seats

    American    645pm-920p    5 seats

    Jet Blue    755pm-1026pm    7 seats

    Jet Blue    839pm-1105pm    4 seats


    12/29 Orlando-Philly

    USAir    615am-831a    9 seats

    Air Tran    7000am-919am    7 seats

    USAir    805am-1023am    7 seats

    USAir    1015am-1235pm    7 seats

    USAir    12n-224pm    8 seats

    USAir    150pm-406pm    2 seats

    Air Tran    2pm-419pm    7 seats

    USAir    255pm-519pm    3 seats

    Air Tran    425pm-644pm    7 seats

    USAir    510pm-732pm    6 seats

    USAir    735pm-950pm    3 seats

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