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Greg Schiano Named Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Director of Athletics Tim Pernetti Appoints Kyle Flood Interim Head Coach
  • Posted on January 26, 2012 6:18:05 PM
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  • PISCATAWAY, N.J. (January 26, 2012) – Rutgers University Director of Athletics Tim Pernetti announced that Greg Schiano has resigned from his position of head football coach at Rutgers to become the new head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Pernetti named Kyle Flood interim head coach as a national search will begin immediately to find a successor to Schiano at Rutgers.

    “We would like to thank Greg Schiano and his entire family for their commitment to Rutgers and helping build our football program,” stated Pernetti. “The Rutgers Football program is stronger than it has ever been and is built to last. Our program will never sacrifice its core values of family, integrity, trust and the balance between academics and athletics. This is an attractive job in a BCS conference in the nation’s largest media market. We are excited to find a new coach to lead our program.”

    Schiano’s 11-year tenure featured six bowl appearances in the last seven years, including the nation’s longest active bowl winning streak of five games. While producing victories at a rate unprecedented in the program’s history, the Rutgers football team also committed fully to succeeding in the classroom.  In 2010, Rutgers’ football program ranked first in the nation in Academic Progress Rate; in 2011, the team followed up with the nation’s No. 2 ranking. Schiano’s career record at Rutgers was 68-67 and he leaves as the third-winningest coach in Rutgers history.

    This continued a trend that marked Schiano’s tenure at the school – for the last four years, the Rutgers football team was ranked in the top three nationally in multi-year APR rates, becoming the only university in the entire nation to achieve such a prestigious feat. 

    Rutgers just completed a 9-4 season with a 27-13 victory over Iowa State in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. The Scarlet Knights return a strong nucleus of 15 returning starters in 2012, including eight on offense and six on defense, including the 2011 BIG EAST Co-Defensive Player of the Year, Khaseem Greene.

    Director of Athletics Tim Pernetti Quotes

    On when Pernetti heard of Schiano’s decision: “Not at all (I was not blindsided). Greg and I, it’s been well-chronicled, you guys have written about it to death, have known each other since we were kids. We’ve had a long-standing relationship. I played for him in high school. We have a very open relationship as far as communication goes. Sometimes, it drives us both crazy, but I won’t get into detail. I’ve known about this since the beginning. In my mind, it was absolutely handled the right way by Coach (Schiano) and the people he was working with. I’ve been in on it since the beginning.” 

    On when Pernetti knew: “It started probably about a week ago. This thing moved a lot faster than a lot quicker than people expected it to.”

    On Pernetti being part of the football staff: “The only role I really can offer is to communicate directly with recruits and their families about the football program – what it is and what it’s going to be. Like I said, it is kind of a joke. It has nothing to do with being a football coach. It’s about the prospective student-athletes and their families being able to have a dialogue with me – who we are talking to, where it’s going, where we expect to end up. It’s really designed to give people comfort that we’re not looking to change all the things that have made us the class of college football.” 

    On urgency of getting a coach: “Any AD worth whatever his university pays has a list in his pocket at all times. In my mind, and I think in a lot of people’s minds affiliated with Rutgers, I think the hope and expectation was that we would be able to keep Coach Schiano in here for a long time. At any moment, that can change and I’ve been ready for this moment since the day I walked on this campus so we have been ready. As far as the short list goes, I am not going to get into that list. Those of you who followed the men’s basketball search know that there is a specific way that the search is going to be handled.”

    On how quickly a new coach will be hired: “I am not trying to be short with you, but as soon as possible. We want to make sure we get to know the people that we are considering at the deepest possible level. That coupled with the fact that best case scenario it would be great for incoming recruits to know who their coach is before signing day, but I am not going to make any guarantees on that. If it takes a little bit more time, then we will take that time.”

    On having more money to spend: “I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really thinking about that. As far as the finances go, that is a variable depending on who the candidates are. Quite frankly, if you start a search with finances, you screw it up. I think you have to put more in to finding the right person, that stands for the right things, that is going to lead the program the right way. You’ll always find a way to make the finances work.”

    On why Schiano chose to leave now: “That is probably a question for Greg. I would just say it from this perspective: whatever profession you are in, you strive to succeed in that profession in the absolute pinnacle of that profession. There are 32 guys in the world that are going to have these jobs. To some extent, the NFL is the pinnacle of football coaching. I’m sure that that had to be an appealing thing for Greg. At the same time, I can’t get into all the details of why, but maybe this one felt a little different than all the others before.”

    On when Schiano became serious about Tampa Bay job: “I think, based on what I know, the last 48 hours. I think it moved very, very quickly.”

    On Schiano’s contract: “We are in the midst of looking at that. There are a lot of details in Greg’s contract. It is a very complicated document. We will be sure you guys get that information. We don’t want to throw it out right now without the specific details. There are a lot of variables in that. We want to make sure we have our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed, but you will get that information.”

    On what Pernetti is looking for in candidates: “I think there are a lot of criteria. Number one, we want the right kind of person. Understanding and being able to have your arms around the culture of the tri-state area I think is critical to being successful at Rutgers. So much of it has been built around being able to recruit on a somewhat regional level, that I think not only having a great understanding, but having really deep and strong relationships in the tri-state area. I think those are two very critical factors in this whole thing.”

    On Kyle Flood’s reaction to being named Interim Head Coach: “He handled it like a pro. He handled it like a veteran. A lot of the reason that we are moving Kyle into that position is that he has been here a long time. He has great relationships with the players. He has great relationships with recruiting. Already, we’ve had some impromptu meetings, he has embraced it. He’s excited to do it. The first thing out of his mouth was, ‘I’m going to get the staff together and we’re going to figure out how to get this class in here.’ So far, so good. Kyle has been around here a long time and it was just an obvious choice.”

    On conference realignment playing a role in Schiano’s decision: “I think you would have to ask him that, but anyone that stands up here and says conference uncertainty is not a concern anymore is lying to you. It is something I wake up with every single day. I think that the uncertainty and fluidity of the situation has everyone concerned. It’s not just us. You look around the country and see how many schools are struggling to find football games based on the fact of all the uncertainty. I think that factors into a lot of the decisions that every coach and athletic director makes.”

    On unfinished business at Rutgers: “I think Greg moves on to a job in Tampa that is going to be a lot different than this one. I would say that any coach that leaves a job and says, ‘I accomplished everything I set out to do.’ You probably won’t hear anyone say that. What I look at is all the stuff that he has done. It is easy for me to say since it is my alma mater, but I think this was the worst program in college football. We are at the point where this is a high-profile, attractive job in a BCS in the number one media market in the country. That has a lot to do with all the work that he has done. I am not going to speak for him, but I believe those championships are down the road. In talking to the seniors, Brandon (Jones), Khaseem (Greene) and all the guys on our team, and being able to talk to them, I told them that this program is built. People in the room are going to be the ones that make it happen. It’s my job now to surround them with the right kind of people that will continue to take it forward and take it to the right place. Putting timelines on championships is dangerous, but those championships are ahead of us. I’ve never been more certain of that.”

    On message to recruits: “I think the message will be that the program that you committed to, if they are committed, or the program you are considering, is the same program that it was two days ago. It is going to stand for the same things. The core values are things that are never going to be sacrificed. We are still going to rely on our players and our student-athletes in the program in hopes that the student-athletes and recruits to look at us and say, ‘this is the right or wrong kind of person to have at Rutgers.’ We are going to continue to all the things that we have done that have made it what it is today. I think that is the main message we will send. The message that I will send clearly is that my responsibility is to make sure we surround the program with the right people. This program is my program. I came here to play football too. I’m not going to sacrifice anything for what we’ve built and stand for in order to put someone in here who is going to enable to win quickly but won’t necessarily worry about the other details around him.”

    On confidence of bringing a coach in by signing period: “It is a very quick turnaround. Obviously, it requires a lot of moving parts. What I would tell you, form the outreach that I have gotten and the outreach that has been done in my direction and the response of the profile of people I’m talking to, it’s very achievable.”

    On Pernetti’s day: “It is rare that I am asleep before 11 o’clock (p.m.) at night, but Coach (Schiano) did leave a message last night. We did have regular dialogue about this throughout. I know that he was out recruiting late last night. (I got the message) after 11 o’clock. I was asleep. We spoke this morning at about 9: 30 (a.m.) and we continued to speak throughout the morning. He informed me before 12 noon that he was going to take the job. We met over here (at the Hale Center) about an hour later and started to talk about a variety of different things. We were going to meet with the team, meet with the coaching staff, the administrators that support football, academic and otherwise. He walked me through what his timeline is going to be over the next couple of days. I explained to him what I was going to do on the interim part. I also explained that I was going to get involved in the recruiting process as soon as possible. It was a chaotic day. Needless to say, I think some of this stuff got out through channels of media in Tampa and it started to spiral out of control. The goal was to be able to sit down with the team and talk with the team before anything made it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t play out that way. We worked with it as best we could.”

    Student-Athlete Quotes

    Junior Linebacker Khaseem Greene (Elizabeth, N.J.)

    On when he first heard that Greg Schiano was leaving: “I saw something on ESPN. Then I saw Adam Schefter’s tweets and that’s when it first got out. Like Mr. Pernetti said I know for a fact that coach wanted to keep it quiet and meet with us before everything was finalized, but that didn’t happen.”

    On it being tough having the news sprung on them: “I guess you can say that (it was tough). It’s tough for anybody to lose a great guy like Coach (Greg) Schiano, but the best thing about it is that we don’t really lose him. He told us that his number is going to be the same. If we ever need him for anything, don’t hesitate to call. Nothing is changing, just coach had an opportunity and he took it. We are all happy for him, as bittersweet as it is, we are happy for him. It is good to have a coach that we have played for in the NFL. For guys who may have a future in the NFL, just networking. Like I said it is a bittersweet thing.”  

    On Schiano moving to the NFL, a place that Greene was considering going: “I guess that is just another door that can be open to me. I’m here for my senior year and I’m excited about my senior year. I’m excited about what we have here in this family and all the guys we have coming back and hopefully all the guys we can get to be additions to the team. When it comes time to get ready for the NFL and things like that I have a head coach who was my head coach, who is in the NFL.”

    On being excited for Schiano and his opportunity: “I am very excited for coach. Like Mr. Pernetti said, that’s every head coach’s dream, to be a head coach in the NFL. That’s the highest level. I am very excited for him and I know he’s going to do some great things over there.”

    On how the players took the news: “Some tougher than others. The young guys took it the toughest, but we all understand. We know at the end of the day and we understand, we agree with it. Whether it’s a business aspect or an opportunity that you can’t pass up, we understand and respect that.”  

    On the mood in the room when Schiano came n: “It was great. We showed him the utmost respect, like we always do. It was very emotional for him. As you can imagine, he had to walk into 100-plus of his sons and tell them the news that we never want to hear. It was hard for coach, but like I said, guys understand. It was really emotional for him and you could tell this is not something where he just ran for the money. We know sincerely that coach wanted to be here and his heart is here. He just had a better opportunity.”

    On preparing for next year and preparing to build a relationship with a new coach: “We will stay the same. Once a coach is named, we build those relationships through meetings. Talking to him. Getting to know him. Us as players we are going to be the same. Coach (Greg) Schiano built something special here and he put some characteristics into us that nobody can take away from us and nobody can change about us. We are still going to be the class of college football and we are still going to play hard, play within the lines of the game. We are still going to be the best academically and that is just something that we pride ourselves on doing. We won’t lose anything there.”

    On the impact Schiano had on Greene coming to Rutgers: “(Schiano) had a lot to do with me coming to Rutgers. He made me feel comfortable. I loved the family atmosphere. I’m from New Jersey, so it was great to be here playing in front of my family and my friends. But it wasn’t the main decision when I came here.”

    Junior cornerback Brandon Jones (Sicklerville, N.J.)

    Opening Statement: “I am shocked, but at the same time, I don’t look at it as a new beginning, I look at it as just moving forward. [Coach Greg Schiano] built such a great foundation and I don’t think anything is going to stop it. I think we are only going to keep rolling and getting better. I texted him this morning and told him that I loved him and that no matter what decision he made, it was going to be a good decision for him and his family. I also told him not to worry what happens here, because everything is going to be fine because we have senior leadership.”

    On the mood of the team: “I would say there are mixed emotions. We are very happy for him to be put in such a prestigious position, but at the same time we look at Coach (Schiano) as a father figure and that makes it sort of sad. I am happy for him and his family because there are only 32 NFL head coaching positions in the world. I can only feel happy for the guy.”

    On the team meeting: “I could see how much he cared because he was crying and a lot of guys were crying. It was emotional.  Things are only going to get better and they only got better because of him and what he did. It was emotional, but at the same time, a happy ending.”

    On moving forward: “Coach Schiano was the face of this program and he did so much to better this program, but at the same time he built leaders. We will carry this team to a great season this year. There is something here that is more than Coach Schiano. It is a foundation that is going to last for a long time. I am excited to see how guys handle it.”

    On what Coach Schiano told the team: “He got into how much he loved us and how difficult a decision it was. I know he loves us, you could see it on our faces when he was talking to us. I know it was tough decision for him, but I am sure it was the best decision for his family. Leaving here, he knows what he left is going to last a long time. He did what he needed to do for this program and I love him for that.”

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