Yurcak Field

Yurcak Field

Dedicated on April 16, 1994, the stadium is officially named "The Soccer Stadium at Yurcak Field" in honor of Ronald N. Yurcak, a 1965 All-American Rutgers Lacrosse player who made a generous donation to the university.

Featuring a 120' x 75' grass playing surface, the stadium is complete with state of the art irrigation and drainage systems. It also features a permanent lighting system, a ticket office/concession building, home and visitor dressing rooms, and a modern press box that has camera platforms and the capability of handling 30 media personnel for both TV and radio broadcasts.The fully lit stadium houses 5,000 fans in its spacious grandstand is capable of holding several thousand more across the field in the stadium's picnic area.

Yurcak FieldRecognized as one of the premier soccer facilities in America,Yurcak Field is a model for other colleges and universities. Yurcak Field has hosted the largest crowds to see college soccer in America, including several of over 5,000 fans.

Quotes About Yurcak

"This facility sets standards for other colleges and universities in America," Tony Meola, USA Soccer Team

"The turf itself is excellent. A lot of other colleges would be envious of this facility," Roscoe Nance, USA Today

"It's beautiful, just beautiful," Claudio Reyna, USA Soccer Team

"I think New Jersey has some of the best players in the country and now we'll get to watch them play in one of the finest stadiums," Tab Ramos, USA Soccer Team


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