Class of 1914 Boathouse

Class of 1914 Boathouse

The Class of 1914 Boathouse is located on the Raritan River, which separates the campuses of Cook, Douglass, and Rutgers College in New Brunswick from those of Livingston and Busch in Piscataway. It's just a short walk down the hill to get to the boathouse from Cook and Douglass, and is easily accessible from all the other campuses.

The boathouse was built in 1950 and is a gift of the Class of 1914. An addition was added in 1961 and today is it houses over 20 boats. The boathouse houses three bays, one for each the heavyweight, women’s and lightweight programs. Rutgers has the top-of-the-line equipment, with brand new boats and oars coming in every year. In addition to eights and fours, we utilize small boats for training, including singles, doubles, and pairs.

The Raritan River provides an unlimited number of miles of water which are used almost exclusively by Rutgers Crew. The tree-lined shores are both beautiful and provide excellent wind protection for crew practices. Even on the windiest days, the Raritan is amongst the best courses in the country to row. Furthermore, due to milder winters than our northern friends, Rutgers crews can stay on the water longer in the fall and get back on earlier in the spring.

For land workouts, Rutgers offers a 16-person indoor rowing tank which allows rowers to maintain their feel for the water during the winter training portion of the year. We have a total over 50 Concept II rowing ergometers which we use for building cardiovascular endurance and fitness. For weight training, Rutgers rowers receive personal attention from the University's professional strength trainers and use state of the art equipment located in the training rooms on each campus. The Rutgers strength trainers are some of the best around, having worked with elite athletes such as the U.S. Women's Soccer Team and numerous NBA and NFL players.

Rutgers athletes also have access to excellent sports medicine facilities. The trainers work one-on-one with injured athletes to treat them and keep them healthy. In case of sickness, athletes can see the special team doctor, and receive benefits such as free prescriptions. The crew also works closely with a professional sports psychologist to further enhance their mental training and potential.


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