Athletic Development
Program Support

Funding that is directed to help support programming that collectively benefits our sports programs is critical to the educational, athletic, and personal welfare of our student-athletes; helps provide our coaches with a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best and brightest student-athletes; and promotes the development of a student-athlete population that actively and positively enhances the greater Rutgers community.

Jonelle Filigno

Academic Support Services Fund - Individually and collectively our academic support staff excels at helping our student-athletes reach their full academic potential.  Our sports programs and our student-athletes have earned national distinction in the classroom on a consistent and growing basis. Illustrating this point, in 2010 the football program ranked #1 nationally in academic performance as measured by the NCAA.

Rutgers Leadership Academy - An initiative that is funded exclusively through private support, the Rutgers Leadership Academy is designed to provide all of our student-athletes with the knowledge and know-how to make educated, informed decisions in all aspects of life.  Programming, counseling, mentoring, and training are used to develop awareness in areas such as leadership, career exploration and networking, civic engagement, core values, health and nutrition, and personal finance. 

Sports Medicine Fund - Competing as a student-athlete in a Division I intercollegiate athletics program provides challenges and obstacles that are unique.  The physical and mental demands are supreme.   Support of this fund avails greater resources to better equip our medical staff in caring the evolving, persistent challenges student-athletes face.