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Rutgers Athletics Priority Point Program

The Priority Point Program is the system used by Rutgers Athletics to rank R Fund supporters for the allocation and distribution of seating and parking, as well as away game and postseason ticketing requests. The below figure illustrates the criteria used to award Priority Points:

Calculating Your Priority Point Total
Annual Athletic Gift(s)/Pledge(s): $________ /100 = __________
Lifetime University Giving:      $________ /1,000 = __________
Current Season Ticket Purchases: #________ x1 = __________
Consecutive Years of Purchase: #________ x1 = __________
Consecutive Years of Giving: #________ x2 = __________
  Total = __________
  • Annual Athletic Gift(s)/Pledge(s) - Gifts and pledges made to any Rutgers Athletics fund between July 1and June 30, which represents the start and end of the Rutgers Foundation Fiscal Year. One point per every $100.
  • Lifetime University Giving - The cumulative total of all gifts (Academic and Athletics) you have made to Rutgers University, as recognized by the Rutgers University Foundation. One point per every $1,000.
  • Current Season Ticket Purchases - The combined number of full season tickets purchased for football, men's and women's basketball during the most recently completed full academic season. One point for each full season ticket purchased.
  • Consecutive Years of Purchase - The combined number of consecutive years in which you have been a full season ticket holder for football, men's and/or women's basketball. For example, if a supporter has been a football season ticket holder for 20 years, a men's basketball ticket holder for 15 years, and a woman's basketball season ticket holder for 10 years, they will be awarded with 45 Consecutive Years of Purchase priority points. A consecutive year is earned upon the completion of the full academic season. One point for each sport.
  • NEW! Consecutive Years of Giving - The number of consecutive years of giving to R Fund. Two points for each consecutive year of giving. These points, which reward donors for renewing their gifts annually, revert to zero if a year of giving is missed.

Seating & Parking Priority Point Compilation Deadlines
Supporters' Priority Points will be compiled at the deadlines below for use in seating and parking allocations for the corresponding sport season.

2015 Football April 30, 2015
2015-16 Men's Basketball June 30, 2015
2015-16 Women's Basketball June 30, 2015

Priority Points Determine All Parking Allocations
During the season ticket renewal period, each season ticket holder will rank their parking location preferences. Each request will be fulfilled based upon a combination of ticket holder's stated preference and standing in the priority point program at the parking and seating deadline.

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