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Rutgers Men's Basketball Seating & Parking Information

Season Ticket Renewal/Purchase

Rutgers men's basketball season tickets are available for renewal in late summer of each year. At that time, individuals will indicate parking preferences and make any requests for seat upgrades.

Priority Point Program

The Priority Point program is the system used by Rutgers Athletics to rank supporters for the systematic allocation and distribution of seating and parking, as well as away game and postseason ticketing requests. The deadline to acquire Priority Points for use in men’s basketball seating and parking allocations is June 30.

Calculating Your Priority Point Total
Annual Athletic Gift(s)/Pledge(s): $________ /100 = __________
Lifetime University Giving:      $________ /1,000 = __________
Current Season Ticket Purchases: #________ x1 = __________
Consecutive Years of Purchase: #________ x1 = __________

= __________

For more information on the Priority Point Program, click here.

SASF Seat Gift Program
To purchase men’s basketball season tickets in the premium seating sections at the Rutgers Athletic Center a donation to the Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund is required.

Calculating your Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund seat gift
Seat Section Gift # of Tickets Total
101, 106, 111, 116 $250 x __________ = __________
102, 105, 112, 115 $350 x __________ = __________
103, 104, 113, 114 $500 x __________ = __________
Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund Gift Total = __________

 Newly Purchased Premium Seating Priority Point Requirements
(October 1 – Conclusion of Season)
Priority Point Minimum 100+ 50+ 25+ 10+
Eligible for Seats in:
Courtside & Baseline Seats Call Athletic Development at 848-932-7629 for Details and Availability
103/104/113/114 YES N/A N/A N/A
102/105/112/115 YES YES N/A N/A


Important Facts:

  • Priority Point minimums are subject to change at any time
  • Additional corresponding Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund gifts are still required should the supplemental donation not meet or exceed the required levels.
  • Seating availability in the sections listed above is very limited. Purchase options and quantities may be restricted.
  • Seating availability is restricted to seats currently unoccupied by a season ticket holder. Current season ticket holders who meet all payment deadlines will NOT be displaced.
  • Donors at the priority point levels noted above may request seat additions or changes at any time. These requests may be processed in real time based upon availability
Reserved Parking pass purchases are limited, in quantity, to the number of season

For more information on the SASF Seat Gift Program, click here .

Premium Parking

Premium Parking benefits are available to all full season ticket holders. These benefits are delivered through the Priority Point Program or the Donor Priority Parking Program.

For more information, please click here.

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