Athletic Development
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the deadlines different for football and men’s basketball?
A:  We begin allocating seating and parking for football at an earlier date than basketball.

Q: Must my seat gift be directed to the R Scholarship Fund (RSF)?
A: Yes. Your seat gift must be designated to the R Scholarship Fund.

Q: How can I obtain additional seats in one or more of the R Scholarship Fund seating sections?
A:  To become eligible for seating in any of the R Scholarship Fund seating sections please contact a member of the Rutgers Athletics ticket staff at 866-445-4678.  It is expected that only a fraction of requests for new/additional seats in any of the R Scholarship Fund sections will be fulfilled each season as these locations are in high demand and openings are rare.

Q:  Can I lose my seat location to someone who donates more than me?
A:  No.  If you meet the ticket payment and gift requirements associated with your seating on time then you hold right of first refusal to your current seat locations.

Q: How are requests for Americans with Disabilities Act (handicap) parking treated in the priority parking process?
A:  Request for ADA parking will be treated in the very same manner as all other priority parking requests.  Season ticket holders eligible for ADA parking are eligible to receive priority preference based upon the Priority Parking program.  As with other priority parking opportunities, ADA parking supplies are finite. Priority Points requirements vary each year for each lot, depending on the demand, and the Priority Points totals for other R Fund donors.