Rutgers University Office of Athletic Compliance

Dear Rutgers Athletics Family:

Compliance with NCAA and Big Ten regulations is a shared responsibility and, as such, it is imperative that we all do our part to learn and abide by NCAA rules that impact Rutgers recruits, student-athletes, coaches, and boosters. The Rutgers Office of Athletic Compliance is committed to:

  • Establish institutional control by monitoring and operating the athletics program in accordance with all applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules to maintain a culture of compliance.

  • Provide proactive education and serve as a resource to help student-athletes, coaches, fans and all entities within the Rutgers community to comply with all applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules.

  • Identify and report to the NCAA all instances in which compliance has not been achieved; and affirm that appropriate corrective actions are taken.

ASK BEFORE YOU ACT! Together we will continue to maintain an atmosphere of compliance so please contact the Office of Athletic Compliance with any questions about NCAA, Big Ten or Rutgers University rules.

Go Knights!


Paul Perrier
Senior Associate AD and Chief Compliance Officer

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