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243 Rutgers Student-Athletes Named to BIG EAST All-Academic Team
  • Posted on July 27, 2012 12:33:04 PM
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  • PISCATAWAY, N.J. (July 27, 2012) – Rutgers University boasted 243 student-athletes on the BIG EAST All-Academic Team, the conference announced Friday. Nineteen (19) RU teams were represented on the list for the 2011-12 academic year. 

    Men’s lacrosse and women’s rowing led the way for RU, each placing 23 members on the conference all-academic team. Men’s basketball (seven) and women’s basketball (six) were also well represented. Also notable were the women’s track and field (22), men’s track and field (22), women’s soccer (20), swimming and diving (20), field hockey (17), men’s soccer (16) and women’s lacrosse (16) squads.

    Nominations for the All-Academic Team are submitted by each of the BIG EAST’s 16 member institutions. To be eligible for the honor, a nominee must have competed in a BIG EAST-sponsored sport, earned a varsity letter, attained a minimum grade-point average of 3.00 for the preceding academic year, and completed a minimum of two consecutive semesters or three consecutive quarters of academic work, with a total of 18 semester or 27 quarter credits, not including remedial courses.

    The nominations are reviewed and approved by the BIG EAST Academic Affairs Committee. There are 3,370  honorees for the 2012 academic year, an increase of 134 student-athletes from the 3,236 named for the 2010-11 season. Rutgers upped its numbers by 26 student-athletes.

    Below is the complete list of Scarlet Knights on the BIG EAST All-Academic Team:

    Name      Sport     Major      Class

    William Beard Baseball Criminal Justice Senior
    Robert Corsi Baseball Undeclared Sophomore
    Ross Costello Baseball Communication Junior
    Joseph Esposito Baseball History Junior
    Nicholas Favatella Baseball Pharmacy 1st Year
    Samuel Hasty Baseball Journalism and Media Studies Junior
    Juan Lisojo Baseball Criminal justice Junior
    Jeffrey Melillo Baseball Finance Junior
    Jarrett Schack Baseball Labor Studies and Employment Relations Junior
    Robert Smorol Baseball History Junior
    Patrick Sweeney Baseball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Michael Zavala Baseball Undeclared Sophomore
    Steven Zavala Baseball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Gilvydas Biruta Men's Basketball History Sophomore
    Austin Carroll Men's Basketball Pre Business Sophomore
    Kadeem Jack Men's Basketball Undeclared 1st Year
    Michael Kuhn Men's Basketball Finance Senior
    Michael Poole Men's Basketball Criminal Justice Sophomore
    Charles Rigoglioso Men's Basketball Labor Studies and Employment Relations Graduate Student
    Jerome Seagears Men's Basketball Undeclared 1st Year
    Christopher Banafato Men's XC/Track & Field Finance Sophomore
    Thomas Bragen Men's XC/Track & Field Mechanical Engineering Junior
    Steven Burkholder Men's XC/Track & Field Psychology Sophomore
    Christopher Defabio Men's XC/Track & Field Undeclared 1st Year
    Benjamin Forrest Men's XC/Track & Field Astrophysics Senior
    Benjamin Horel Men's XC/Track & Field Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Casey Weiss Men's XC/Track & Field Criminal Justice Junior
    Brian Wells Men's XC/Track & Field Engineering four year 1st Year
    Dillon Corbo Men's Golf Criminal Justice Sophomore
    John Fagan Men's Golf Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Jeffery Lefevre Men's Golf Undeclared Sophomore
    Jonathan Renza Men's Golf Finance Sophomore
    Andrew Tursky Men's Golf Journalism and Media Studies Senior
    Douglas Walters Men's Golf Pre Business Sophomore
    Alexander Ball Men's Lacrosse Political Science Junior
    Edward Bartleson Men's Lacrosse History Junior
    Duncan Clancy Men's Lacrosse Communication Junior
    Michael Diehl Men's Lacrosse Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Jacob Fradkin Men's Lacrosse Civil Engineering Junior
    Matthew Klimchak Men's Lacrosse Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Scott Klimchak Men's Lacrosse Labor Studies and Employment Relations Junior
    Jonathan Lefferts Men's Lacrosse Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    William Mangan Men's Lacrosse Finance Senior
    Josh Matanin Men's Lacrosse Undeclared 1st Year
    Jonathan Matthews Men's Lacrosse History Sophomore
    Kieran Morris Men's Lacrosse Undeclared 1st Year
    Peter Noto Men's Lacrosse Economics Sophomore
    Andrew Parrilla Men's Lacrosse Pre Business Sophomore
    Benjamin Schwing Men's Lacrosse Pre Business Sophomore
    Steven Shemesh Men's Lacrosse Economics Junior
    Peter Sode Men's Lacrosse Undeclared 1st Year
    Joseph Stottler Men's Lacrosse Pre Business Sophomore
    Anthony Terranova Men's Lacrosse Criminal Justice Junior
    Jacob Werman Men's Lacrosse Undeclared 1st Year
    Zachary Zenda Men's Lacrosse Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Nicholas Zerrillo Men's Lacrosse History Senior
    Christopher Zybrick Men's Lacrosse Human Resource Management Junior
    Matthew Berman Men's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Paul Calafiore Men's Soccer Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Juan Correa Men's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Andrew Cuevas Men's Soccer Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Liam Dolan Men's Soccer Engineering four year 1st Year
    Connor Hurff Men's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Adam Klink Men's Soccer Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    David Macvane Men's Soccer Criminal Justice Senior
    Kevin McMullen Men's Soccer Economics Junior
    Dragan Naumoski Men's Soccer Pre Business Junior
    Thomas O'Rourke Men's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Joseph Setchell Men's Soccer Undeclared Sophomore
    Michael Soboff Men's Soccer Undeclared Sophomore
    Todd Webb Men's Soccer Pre Business Sophomore
    Samuel Winslow Men's Soccer Sociology Senior
    Amine Zaouia Men's Soccer Engineering four year 1st Year
    Michael Baird Men's Track & Field Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Adam Bergo Men's Track & Field Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Kevin Bostick Men's Track & Field Public health Junior
    Hamer Farag Men's Track & Field Pre Business Sophomore
    Anthony Genco Men's Track & Field Pre Business 1st Year
    D'andre Jordan Men's Track & Field Undeclared 1st Year
    Monroe Kearns Men's Track & Field Economics Junior
    James Plummer Men's Track & Field Labor Studies and Employment Relations Junior
    Karon Purcell Men's Track & Field Economics Sophomore
    Tyrone Putman Men's Track & Field Labor Studies and Employment Relations Graduate Student
    Glenn Scheideler Men's Track & Field Political Science Junior
    Stephen Werner Men's Track & Field Economics Senior
    Christopher Wyckoff Men's Track & Field Biological Sciences Junior
    Aaron Younger Men's Track & Field Psychology Senior
    Brittany Lapidus Women's Basketball Communication Junior
    Chelsey Lee Women's Basketball Planning and Public Policy Senior
    Khadijah Rushdan Women's Basketball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Nikki Speed Women's Basketball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    April Sykes Women's Basketball Africana Studies Senior
    Jaymee Tucker Women's Basketball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Anjelica Brinkofski Women's XC/Track & Field Criminal Justice Junior
    Brianna Deming Women's XC/Track & Field Pharmacy Sophomore
    Stephanie Krausser Women's XC/Track & Field Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Felicia O'Donnell Women's XC/Track & Field Undeclared 1st Year
    Allison Payenski Women's XC/Track & Field Undeclared 1st Year
    Victoria Pontecorvo Women's XC/Track & Field Journalism and Media Studies Junior
    Rashmi Singh Women's XC/Track & Field English Sophomore
    Jennifer Spitzer Women's XC/Track & Field Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Tara Wuko Women's XC/Track & Field Criminal Justice Sophomore
    Cornelia Duffin Field Hockey Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Nicole Gentile Field Hockey Criminal Justice Senior
    Ilanna Kowski Field Hockey Finance Junior
    Christie Lonsky Field Hockey Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Christie Morad Field Hockey Labor Studies and Employment Relations Senior
    Mackenzie Noda Field Hockey Communication Senior
    Lisa Patrone Field Hockey Labor Studies and Employment Relations Sophomore
    Kaitlyn Plouse Field Hockey Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Kathleen Rodziewicz Field Hockey American Studies Senior
    Laura Rose Field Hockey Undeclared Sophomore
    Carlie Rouh Field Hockey Labor Studies and Employment relations Junior
    Amanda Sawasky Field Hockey Sociology Senior
    Jennifer Staab Field Hockey Undeclared 1st Year
    Emily Strong Field Hockey American Studies Sophomore
    Sarah Stuby Field Hockey Art History Sophomore
    Sophie Wright Field Hockey Undeclared 1st Year
    Ashley Yanek Field Hockey American Studies Junior
    Elizabeth Carl Women's Golf Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Lauren Heiba Women's Golf History Senior
    Elisa Mateer Women's Golf Psychology Senior
    Kortnie Maxoutopoulis Women's Golf Undeclared 1st Year
    Anne Mcniel Women's Golf Management Senior
    Brittany Weddell Women's Golf Psychology Junior
    Rebecca Alley Women's Lacrosse Marketing Senior
    Stephanie Anderson Women's Lacrosse Sociology Junior
    Aimee Chotikul Women's Lacrosse Communication Junior
    Megan Clements Women's Lacrosse Undeclared Sophomore
    Kaitlyn Curran Women's Lacrosse Psychology Senior
    Brittany Davis Women's Lacrosse Communication Senior
    Colleen Ekert Women's Lacrosse Undeclared 1st Year
    Lily Kalata Women's Lacrosse Communication Junior
    Kristin Kocher Women's Lacrosse Undeclared 1st Year
    Danielle Mascera Women's Lacrosse Sociology Senior
    Kelsey Miller Women's Lacrosse Marketing Sophomore
    Rachel Schneeberger Women's Lacrosse Human Resource Management Junior
    Ali Steinberg Women's Lacrosse Sociology Senior
    Amanda Trendell Women's Lacrosse Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Lindsey Watts Women's Lacrosse Psychology Senior
    Rachel Welch Women's Lacrosse Communication Junior
    Francesca Carrone Women's Rowing Criminal Justice Sophomore
    Julia Dawidowicz Women's Rowing Accounting Sophomore
    Amanda Dothe Women's Rowing English Sophomore
    Laura Ford Women's Rowing Criminal Justice Junior
    Stephanie Ford Women's Rowing Undeclared Sophomore
    Katherine Geithman Women's Rowing Political Science Senior
    Ellie Kleiman Women's Rowing Linguistics Senior
    Morgan Knigge Women's Rowing Environmental Policy, Inst and Behavior 1st Year
    Kathleen Lai Women's Rowing Political Science Senior
    Veronica Leach Women's Rowing Engineering four year 1st Year
    Raelyn Loiselle Women's Rowing Psychology Sophomore
    Katelyn Meyler Women's Rowing Food Science 1st Year
    Chioma Moneme Women's Rowing Undeclared 1st Year
    Claudia Muniz Women's Rowing Human Resource Management 1st Year
    Jacqueline Nam Women's Rowing Undeclared Sophomore
    Emily Nowlin Women's Rowing Nutritional Sciences Junior
    Katie Quinn Women's Rowing Criminal Justice Senior
    Jennelle Scheffler Women's Rowing Sociology Junior
    Brittany Somers Women's Rowing Psychology Senior
    Carlett Spike Women's Rowing Undeclared 1st Year
    Kara Trivolis Women's Rowing Criminal Justice Junior
    Joanna Witynska Women's Rowing Criminal Justice Sophomore
    Alexandra Zebrowski Women's Rowing Undeclared 1st Year
    Paige Alexander Women's Soccer Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Rachel Breton Women's Soccer English Senior
    Brielle Buis Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Patricia Dipaolo Women's Soccer Human Resource Management Graduate Student
    Jasmine Edwards Women's Soccer Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Maria Gerew Women's Soccer History Sophomore
    Alison Gordon Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Cassandra Inacio Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Jessica Janosz Women's Soccer Psychology Junior
    Morgan Kennedy Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Stefanee Pace Women's Soccer Social work Senior
    Amelia Pietrangelo Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    April Price Women's Soccer Communication Junior
    Casey Rupon Women's Soccer Psychology Senior
    Karla Schacher Women's Soccer Business and Science Graduate Student
    Stefanie Scholz Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Kristen Siano Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Carissa Walters Women's Soccer Undeclared Sophomore
    Logan White Women's Soccer Undeclared 1st Year
    Shannon Woeller Women's Soccer Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Ashley Bragg Softball Criminal Justice Junior
    Lindsey Curran Softball Criminal Justice Senior
    Alexis Durando Softball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Abbey Houston Softball Psychology Junior
    Brittney Lindley Softball Bioenvironmental Engineering Junior
    Kaci Madden Softball Biomedical Engineering Junior
    Noelle Sisco Softball Economics Senior
    Loren Williams Softball Communication Sophomore
    Megan Williams Softball Anthropology - Evolutionary Sophomore
    Patrisha Averill Women's Swimming & Diving Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Michelle Berman Women's Swimming & Diving Journalism and Media Studies Senior
    Caroline Carlisle Women's Swimming & Diving Undeclared 1st Year
    Megan Caylor Women's Swimming & Diving Art History Senior
    Taylor Curado Women's Swimming & Diving Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Samantha Curham Women's Swimming & Diving Accounting Junior
    Lindsay Gibson-brokop Women's Swimming & Diving Engineering four year 1st Year
    Valentina Gordon Women's Swimming & Diving Psychology Sophomore
    Brittany Guinee Women's Swimming & Diving Political Science Sophomore
    Nicole Honey Women's Swimming & Diving Undeclared 1st Year
    Katherine Kearney Women's Swimming & Diving Anthropology - Evolutionary Junior
    Brianne Lindblad Women's Swimming & Diving Exercise Science and Sport Studies Senior
    Victoria Maqueda Women's Swimming & Diving Political Science Junior
    Kara Millaci Women's Swimming & Diving Undeclared Sophomore
    Mary Moser Women's Swimming & Diving English Sophomore
    Allyson Perrotti Women's Swimming & Diving Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Chelsea Rolin Women's Swimming & Diving Undeclared 1st Year
    Nicole Scott Women's Swimming & Diving Food Science Sophomore
    Jacquelyn Ward Women's Swimming & Diving Psychology Junior
    Taylor Zafir Women's Swimming & Diving Communication Junior
    Stefania Balasa Women's Tennis Psychology Sophomore
    Lindsay Balsamo Women's Tennis Undeclared 1st Year
    Jennifer Holzberg Women's Tennis Supply Chain and Marketing Science Senior
    Morgan Ivey Women's Tennis Political Science Senior
    Vanessa Petrini Women's Tennis Undeclared Sophomore
    Satreethai Sasinin Women's Tennis Chemistry 1st Year
    Leonora Slatnick Women's Tennis Cell Biology and Neuroscience Senior
    Vanessa Arientyl Women's Track & Field Biological Sciences Sophomore
    Shantal Athill Women's Track & Field Journalism and Media Studies Junior
    Zainab Bisiolu Women's Track & Field Economics Senior
    Kristen Bradley Women's Track & Field Mathematics Sophomore
    Gabrielle Farquharson Women's Track & Field Undeclared 1st Year
    Tylia Gillon Women's Track & Field Undeclared Sophomore
    Alexandra Kelly Women's Track & Field English Senior
    Rachel Leeke Women's Track & Field Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Colleen Mcdowell Women's Track & Field Engineering four year 1st Year
    Elaina Mezzasalma Women's Track & Field Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Ekene Ugboaja Women's Track & Field Economics Junior
    Emily Vargas Women's Track & Field Psychology Sophomore
    Tara Wuko Women's Track & Field Criminal Justice Sophomore
    Brittany Bozzini Women's Volleyball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Sophomore
    Sofija Cucuz Women's Volleyball Undeclared 1st Year
    Hannah Curtis Women's Volleyball Political Science Senior
    Alexandra Jones Women's Volleyball Exercise Science and Sport Studies Junior
    Taylor Nelson Women's Volleyball Engineering four year 1st Year
    Alexandra Nyman Women's Volleyball Art 1st Year
    Kallie Pence Women's Volleyball Communication Senior
    Kathryn Ross Women's Volleyball Management Junior
    Sheridan Taylor Women's Volleyball Communication Sophomore
    Stephanie Zielinski Women's Volleyball Psychology Junior 

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