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Rutgers Band Traditions

The Rutgers Marching and Pep Band's primary goal is to support the Rutgers Athletic teams. We are their #1 fan, and we're proud of it. We are also known to have a lot of fun, Rutgers-style.

Some of our Traditions include:

Rutgers Band TraditionsMultiple football game-day performances - We start out each game with visit to the Scarlet Walk about 2 hours prior to kick-off to greet our team as the arrive at the stadium. About one hour prior to kick-off the band gathers together to sing our Alma Mater. The band then parades towards the stadium through the alumni and guest parking lot playing our fight songs. Once inside the stadium the real fun begins. First, we perform a traditional college Pre-Game show, then a loud and exciting half-time show and later perform a special post-game for our fans, which includes the traditional song (played at the end of every football game) Loyal Sons. Throughout the game we play lots of great music in the stands to support the Scarlet Knights!

Rutgers Band TraditionsTraditional Pregame - We begin each home game with a tribute to tradition. Our Pregame show features our field major's highstep run to bring the band out onto the field. We then begin our show that is filled with traditional marching technique and forms, including the renowned 8-count "RU" reverse. At the end of our show, we form a tunnel which the Scarlet Knights use to enter the field led by the color guard, the Cheerleading team, and the Scarlet Knight on his horse.

Always Down Front - The Rutgers Band plays at a variety of venues around the New Brunswick campus. The RAC and Rutgers Stadium are where the Marching Band and Rutgers Pep Band play most often. The band is known to be at the center of it all to get the fans fired up.

Rutgers Fight Songs - Our fight songs include: "The Bells Must Ring" - Played for every touchdown with the blast of the cannon, and includes the famous "RU Rah Rah" cheer. This song is named for Olde Queens Bell which is rung for every winning season. "Colonel Rutgers" - Played for the football team as they enter the field and at the start and end of each half at Basketball games. "Loyal Sons" - Played at the close of each home football game. A tradition that has endured throughout the years. "Knight Call" - Played as the defensive battlecry of the Scarlet Knight.

Rutgers Band TraditionsDismissal - At the end of every rehearsal and performance day, the entire band is dismissed by the Drum Majors. The dismissal, dating back numerous decades consists of a traditional Attention followed by each drum major calling "Band Ten HUT" and the response of "Ten Hut Ten Hut 1 2 3!" Traditionally, the final drum major to give the call leaves the band with a bit of wisdom. After the full band dismissal, each section dismisses in their own unique manner. The percussion plays a cadence off the field, Baritones rush to the middle of the field and perform push-ups for the rest of the band's enjoyment, and while many sections add their own twist on the "Ten Hut" dismissal response, the Piccolos are known for their call "Ten Hut Ten Hut, Survive!"

Alma Mater - Our members know their Alma Mater, probably because they sing it all the time! The singing of the Alma Mater has become a great tradition, instilling pride and spirit. It is sung after every lunch and dinner at Band Camp, and is sung a minimum of 5 times each game day. And whenever the band returns home and crosses the Raritan it is sung to remind ourselves of the home we love.

Rutgers Band TraditionsOn the Banks of the Old Raritan

My father sent me to old Rutgers,
And resolved that I should be a man,
And so I settled down,
In that noisy college town,
On the banks of the old Raritan.

On the banks of the old Raritan, my friend,
Where old Rutgers ever more shall stand,
For has she not stood,
Since the time of the flood,
On the banks of the old Raritan.

Then sing aloud to Alma Mater,
And keep the Scarlet in the van,
For with our motto high,
Rutgers name shall never die,
On the banks of the old Raritan.

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