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Pep Band Course Requirements

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Pep Band
07 701 338 01

You must be in Marching Band in order to join Pep Band in the spring semester!

Uniform - You will be provided with a uniform shirt that must be worn to all games. You may not wear a shirt from a previous year unless it is a perfect match! It is REQUIRED that all band members wear black dress pants (no jeans), and black dress shoes (no sneakers) to the games. No hats except for the drummers and they must be a Rutgers hat. Red hair is optional. Anyone arriving for a game not in the appropriate attire will be sent home. Warm-ups must be worn to all away games.

Behavior - Profanity is strictly forbidden! You are a member of a very visible University group. You must behave in a manner that is in keeping with the high standards of the University. The director can at his discretion, remove any individual from the band that is not meeting these standards. Do not participate with any negativity going on around you. We are a positive influence! You may not arrive more than 20 minutes prior to the scheduled report time. There will be no heckling of the opposing team allowed during their warm-up.

Travel - Selection for away games will be based on the following, 1). Game performance, (to be discussed), 2). Game Attendance, 3). Instrumentation needs - In addition, please understand it is our job to best represent the band when we travel. With that in mind if you are accustomed to sitting on your hands during a game, or behaving in an inappropriate manner you will not go on away trips. Away games do not count towards your total attendance. Registration for the course- You do not need to register for the course, however, in most cases you must be registered in order to travel.

Grading - grading will be based primarily on attendance, and will be handled as follows; 20 games= A 18 games= B 16 games= C 14 games= D 12 games= F

Attendance - Report times are established to allow for several pre-game activities. Warm-up and rehearsal will take place during the first 20 minutes after your arrival. If you are 5 or more minutes late, you will only receive credit for one half of a game. Arriving after than that and you will not receive credit unless you have made prior arrangements with the director.

Mandatory Orientations - The Pep Band performs at two Rutgers Orientation in May. The dates will are TBA. These performances are mandatory for every member of the Band. Not showing up will seriously affect your grade.

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