Rutgers Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

Need a Tutor?


All student athletes may request a tutor for any subject. (Please note some courses ASSSA may not have tutoring services for.   In this case, discuss with your academic advisor how to best meet these academic needs.) A tutoring appointment will be set up based on your academic and athletic schedule that is viewed on GRADESFIRST. Please see your academic advisor with your to discuss requesting a tutor and the process.  Once your tutor request has been received it will be matched with the GRADESFIRST system. 


It may take up to one week to fill your request. You will receive notification on your email of your tutoring appointment. It is important you pay attention to your email for notification and your GRADESFIRST Calendar.   Once you receive email notification it will the date it will begin, time and location.  If there are any questions and/or issues you may reply to the email notification or contact your academic advisor immediately.  


If you are unable to attend a tutoring appointment for any reason (illness, change in practice time, competition, etc) you must contact your academic advisor for permission to cancel with your tutor 24 hours prior to the appointment.  You academic advisor will contact the academic services coordinator to contact the tutor regarding the cancellation.  Student athletes DO NOT cancel directly with their tutor. 

It is the student athlete’s responsibility to provide the tutor with a travel letter regarding appointments you will miss with the tutor. 

If it is less than 24 hours and it is an EMERGENCY situation notify your academic advisor and/or the Academic Support Services Office at 732-445-5120.

Important things to know:

  • Student athletes are required to come to their tutoring sessions on time and prepared. 
  • It is required that a student must bring their book, notes, and handouts necessary for the session.
  • Come prepared with the material read and subject matter attempted. 
  • A tutor is not there to do your work.  The tutor is there to assist you in learning the material in the course work. 
  • Attendance is required at any scheduled tutoring session.