Rutgers Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

Campus Academic Services

Need a tutor now?!? 
Having trouble with a particular subject or general study habits?? 
Utilize the campus resources! 

Campus Tutoring Resources

In addition to the tutoring services offered by Academic Support Services for Student Athletes there are a variety of tutoring services and subject areas offered through the learning centers throughout Rutgers University on each campus. 

For campus learning information, including drop-in tutoring schedules on the various campuses please visit the following link:

The learning centers also offer an opportunity to sign up for one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects:

Learning Centers for specific subject matter! Please refer below to the list for the information

Math & Science Learning Center

Foreign Language

Writing Center

Please note that Academic Support Services does not provide tutor support for writing courses. You are required to go to the Writing Centers for assistance. Below is a link that will give you information about the Writing Centers. If you need additional assistance please see your advisor.

Engineering Students

Academic Skill Resources

Are you struggling with study skills?  Note taking? Test preparation? 

The learning centers offer Academic Coaching, which can greatly improve your academic performance.  Please contact the particular learning center to schedule an appointment,