Rutgers Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

We appreciate your taking a few minutes to complete this survey. Your input will assist us in improving our class checking program for the future.
If you have any additional questions or comments that are not addressed in this survey, please contact us at either or

1. Did you experience any issues or difficulties while performing your duties as a class checker?    Yes    No
             If yes, please explain: 
2. Did you experience any issues with student athletes, coaches, professors, or academic advisors?  Yes    No
            If yes, please explain: 
3. What is your primary means of transportation?      Campus Bus        Bicycle       Car       
4. Did you have any problems getting around campus?   Yes    No
             If yes, please explain: 
5. Which campus was the hardest to check?       Busch        College Ave         Cook        Douglass         Livingston
6. How many classes were you responsible to check?     
7. What is your expected year of graduation?    
8. Are you interested in checking classes in the Fall?      Yes    No
9. If you could change anything about class checking, what would it be?