Scholarships are the lifeblood of Rutgers Athletics and they are also the department's single largest recurring annual expense. Each academic year scholarships will cost more than $12,000,000. When donors privately support student-athlete scholarships it reduces this expense thereby strengthening our financial position in many other critical areas of need. Rutgers is the only institution in the Big Ten that cannot award the maximum scholarship dollar amount per sport that the NCAA allows. Your annual scholarship commitment is critical to our ability to compete nationally for the finest student-athletes in every sport.

Annual Scholarships
Donors may elect to create and fund their own named annual scholarship. Annual Scholarships require a minimum investment of $30,000, which may be paid over a five-year period of $6,000 annually. Donors establishing named annual scholarships may have opportunities to interact with their scholarship recipient(s) through correspondence and the Annual Student-Athlete Scholarship Reception. They also receive all R Fund benefits with their associated scholarship gifts.

Endowed Scholarships
Donors may also elect to create and fund a named endowed scholarship that will benefit student-athletes in perpetuity. An endowed scholarship provides a consistent source of funding each year through investment of the principal. Named endowed scholarships can be created with a minimum investment of $100,000, which may be paid over a five-year period of $20,000 annually. A fully endowed scholarship for an in state student-athlete requires a commitment of $700,000 which can also be made over the term of a five year pledge. A fully endowed scholarship for an out of state student-athlete requires a $1.1 million commitment. Endowed funds provide stable, long-term financial support for Rutgers student-athletes.

R Scholarship Fund (RSF)
Establishing a named scholarship is not the only way to help fund the education of student-athletes. Gifts made to the RSF go directly to support student-athlete financial aid, which benefits all 24 of our sports programs individually and collectively. Click here to see how your gifts to the Rutgers Scholarship Fund impact our Scarlet Knights.

For more information on creating a named athletic scholarship, please contact R Fund at 848-932-7629 or

Please click here to make a gift to support the R Scholarship Fund (RSF).